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It's about time xD

Hi everyone! x
Time flies and there is nothing you or me can do about. I would love to build a time machine, but that is just my imagination. I still can't believe that this Thursday I am going to a new school. It sounds scary. I remember that at the begging of the Summer I even didn't think about it and now with every single minute my tummy gets more butterflies and it starts to hurt. I don't even know what to expect. Do you know what should I expect? I am all ready, I have everything and I am just afraid that I will do something stupid and everyone will hate me. I am so negative. I even got myself two gold fishes to calm me down. (They are pretty loud.) I am trying to as much staff as I can. I dance, sing, listen to music, read, watch films ect. I even started my Summer task from school. I know, I look like a chicken now, but I am just sharing with you things that actually bother me. I also want to say that from now on till the end of June 2016 I will be posting two posts most of the weeks not three as I usually do. So be ready for every Monday and Friday. I hope you are having a good week/day. Whatever.
Lots of love x
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piątek, 28 sierpnia 2015

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I don't know how to be happy ...

Hi everyone! x
I am really sorry that I didn't post anything in the last week. I was busy. I can't believe it that Summer is almost over. I am a bit happy and sad. I am happy because Fall is coming, but I am sad that the days are going to be shorter. 
I am not the best at being happy or not stressing out. I was wondering what people do that they are always happy, smiley or in a good mood. I don't know how to be happy. How to be happy!? I ready few articles and I thought that it doesn't really make any sense. People should do things they like and that is all. Spend time with people they love. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes not. I get it. There is many things that makes me smile, laugh or happy. Coffee, books, bed, cosy blanket, rainy weather, hot chocolate, riding a bike, singing, reading, films... that is not the end. 
Also, there is lots of things that actually make me sad or something. I don't know how to describe a sad feeling. I think that it's good not to think about "sad staff", just because it's better when you are not overwhelm. Sometimes when people have too many things in their hands, their world turns upside down and it doesn't do well to their brains.
If there is something that bothers you, just laugh at it, because at end of the year you can think about it and say how good the year was. Just remember to do things that you like, laugh at things that aren't good to your or they are making you sad and do things that are worth remembering. 

"Be happy in front of your haters. It kills them."

Lots of love x
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środa, 19 sierpnia 2015

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The fact of changing

Hi everyone! x
This morning I thought about my new school and to be honest I thought about like it is a big deal, but is't not. At least that is what I think. It's a big change to me. I googled that "change" means " the fact of changing" or something different like "becoming different". Personally, I think "change" means something different. It is like a new start, a new beginning or a new page of your life. Changes can be good or scary. Some people think that they (changes) can be bad. However, I always like to think that even if the change is bad, then after a while the good days will come. They have to. Sometimes changes can lead to good things, good friends or even moods. Example: a new school can lead to meeting new people. new friend, new experience. Moving to a different country can lead to new culture, new people, new language and lots of different things. It's obvious that it will be a bit scary, but your change doesn't have to look significant to anyone else. It has to help you, not them. It is your own life and your own decision. Even if it is bad, you can't complain about it. You chose it.
"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."
Lots of love x
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Nothing special.

Hi everyone! x
Today is the day, when I don't have any inspiration. I think, that it is fine. After a bad day, the good days will come. The same is with the weather. After the rainy day, the sunny day will come. I really enjoy to write here, however sometimes I have days, when I just don't know what to do with myself and my brain feels like it has been switch off for ages. Maybe this suggests that I am really tired or something, but anyway I am not going to be winding you. I am hopping that you are having a wonderful Summer! 
Lots of love x
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piątek, 14 sierpnia 2015

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How to accept everything ?

Hi everyone! x
It's difficult to accept everything or everyone. Personally, I think that in order to be happy you have to accept most of things or people. However, people don't accept themselves, don't accept the weather, don't accept the world that they live in ect. I know it can be difficult. It can be difficult to accept your stepmother or stepfather and you can't compare it with accepting yourself or the world you live in, but you need to know. You need to know that probably that is the way it had to happened.There is lots of things you can do that can help you to change some staff, but that is not the point. People need to learn accept themselves and others. It doesn't really matter, who you are? Where are you from or how old you are? People are people. We are very similar, but very different. I don't like to be treated like s**t and to be honest I really think that people should treat themselves equally, because at the end of the day we are only humans with feelings. We are like big family. You can accept my thoughts about it or not. However, I will respect it and accept it. I don't always accept myself and I know that I can change. There is many things that give you opportunity to try new things. I decide to make a blog and I accept it. I accept the challenge of spending my time taking pictures, reading, writing and editing. With people is almost the same. You don't have to accept them and become friends straight away, but it would be good just to accept them for who they are. 
"It is what it is. Accept it and move on."
Lots of love x
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środa, 12 sierpnia 2015

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Things I love to take on holiday to make it less stressful. ♥

Hi everyone! x
I just came back from my holiday. I had a good time. I love to travel as much as I hate it. I like to travel, because I like to go to new places. I just like to explore. However, I hate to travel, because the whole transport situation makes me very stressful. I like to take few things to make my time on my adventures less stressful. Especially in the car/bus/train or even on the plane. I like to take:
  • my earphones to listen to some music. I also need to have something that stores my music, because I don't like to use my phone. I am usually unable to charge it, if is dead.
  • pillow or something that I can sleep on. The day before I am trying to stay up as long as I can, after that I will be able to sleep while I am in the car or plane. 
  • something that keeps me warm. If I am cold I am a bit angry and I just don't want to talk to anybody, so I like to keep something thick. It is even better, when I am able to watch a film, but there is usually no wi-fi connection.
  • a book. If I am bored and not sleepy then I like to read or even play a board game. It's fun and you can always learn something. You are never too old to learn something.
This is how I cope with being on a plane/car ect... I feel worse, when I am on the airport or station. There is a lot more people and I am finding it very stressful, so I kind of like to think about something that makes me smile ( I even smile to myself and i know that I look stupid.) or I am trying not to take it too personally. Sometimes I am ignoring. Also I am following the rules to ignore difficult situations.
"Travel brings power and love back to your life."
That is the way I deal with traveling and what about you ? :)
Lots of love x
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How to deal with being ill ? 

Hi everyone! x
I am usually the person, who gets ill every five minutes. I don't like it. No-one likes to be ill, because you are tired, sleepy, your noise is red and you have a headache, ect. (That's how I feel for the last two days.) Obviously, you don't look too good and you don't feel too good. That's normal, so I came up with this post. Dealing with fever or other illnesses can be difficult. 
  • The most important thing for me when I am ill is my bed. I like to get my bed as comfortable as I can. You tired, maybe you have a headache. Sleep is the best for things like this. Keeping it warm and comfortable helps you as well.
  • You have to drink a lot. It's important to stay hydrated. You don't have to drink only water. I don't like to drink a lot of water, but when I am ill I feel like I have to drink in order to get better. It's good that we actually have different drinks as well. I like to drink tea, hot chocolate or even coffee. (I love coffee.)
  • If you are lying in your bed and you are bored, then you can watch a film, call your friend if she or he is not busy. I also like to read east books or listen to music, that makes me go to sleep easy. 
  • If you are ill don't go to school. It can get even worse. You will infect others and I am sure thay are not going to be happy about that. So, if you have a chance to stay at home, than stay.
  • Take your medicine. This is also important, however you don't always have to take it. Sometimes just a short nap will help you.  
Take care if you are ill :)
Lots of love x
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