piątek, 14 sierpnia 2015

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How to accept everything ?

Hi everyone! x
It's difficult to accept everything or everyone. Personally, I think that in order to be happy you have to accept most of things or people. However, people don't accept themselves, don't accept the weather, don't accept the world that they live in ect. I know it can be difficult. It can be difficult to accept your stepmother or stepfather and you can't compare it with accepting yourself or the world you live in, but you need to know. You need to know that probably that is the way it had to happened.There is lots of things you can do that can help you to change some staff, but that is not the point. People need to learn accept themselves and others. It doesn't really matter, who you are? Where are you from or how old you are? People are people. We are very similar, but very different. I don't like to be treated like s**t and to be honest I really think that people should treat themselves equally, because at the end of the day we are only humans with feelings. We are like big family. You can accept my thoughts about it or not. However, I will respect it and accept it. I don't always accept myself and I know that I can change. There is many things that give you opportunity to try new things. I decide to make a blog and I accept it. I accept the challenge of spending my time taking pictures, reading, writing and editing. With people is almost the same. You don't have to accept them and become friends straight away, but it would be good just to accept them for who they are. 
"It is what it is. Accept it and move on."
Lots of love x
(Thank you for reading and I hope you will comment. I am also sorry for any mistakes.)

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  1. Wow Love the photo! and I agree with you 100% in order to move on you must accept the facts. You have an amazing blog<3 Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



    1. Thank you so much ! It means a lot! ♥ I would love to follow you :) ♥ xx

  2. Love your honesty, we do need to be contented and accept who we are, its not are problem if they can't accept us but they need to understand us because that just how we are. Love the picture by the way :)

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  3. Bardzo fajny i ciekawy post :)

    Zapraszam do mnie na KONKURS :) do wygrania dowolny ciuszek ze sklepu znu.com:)

  4. I like your blog!

  5. we don't live to accept everything dear :3


    1. I didn't say that you have to accept everything xD