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I don't know how to be happy ...

Hi everyone! x
I am really sorry that I didn't post anything in the last week. I was busy. I can't believe it that Summer is almost over. I am a bit happy and sad. I am happy because Fall is coming, but I am sad that the days are going to be shorter. 
I am not the best at being happy or not stressing out. I was wondering what people do that they are always happy, smiley or in a good mood. I don't know how to be happy. How to be happy!? I ready few articles and I thought that it doesn't really make any sense. People should do things they like and that is all. Spend time with people they love. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes not. I get it. There is many things that makes me smile, laugh or happy. Coffee, books, bed, cosy blanket, rainy weather, hot chocolate, riding a bike, singing, reading, films... that is not the end. 
Also, there is lots of things that actually make me sad or something. I don't know how to describe a sad feeling. I think that it's good not to think about "sad staff", just because it's better when you are not overwhelm. Sometimes when people have too many things in their hands, their world turns upside down and it doesn't do well to their brains.
If there is something that bothers you, just laugh at it, because at end of the year you can think about it and say how good the year was. Just remember to do things that you like, laugh at things that aren't good to your or they are making you sad and do things that are worth remembering. 

"Be happy in front of your haters. It kills them."

Lots of love x
(Thank you for reading and I hope you will comment. Have a good weekend.)

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  1. Happy is subjective,think happy "I ma happy" and you will,sleep more,this is what his old lady does,or engage on the things that you love the most,you're blogging you're a good writer,,,,,and I know these will make you happy,I know you're happy already,you just don't want to claim it yet,claim it!!! you're happy.

    xoxo bing.