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Things I love to take on holiday to make it less stressful. ♥

Hi everyone! x
I just came back from my holiday. I had a good time. I love to travel as much as I hate it. I like to travel, because I like to go to new places. I just like to explore. However, I hate to travel, because the whole transport situation makes me very stressful. I like to take few things to make my time on my adventures less stressful. Especially in the car/bus/train or even on the plane. I like to take:
  • my earphones to listen to some music. I also need to have something that stores my music, because I don't like to use my phone. I am usually unable to charge it, if is dead.
  • pillow or something that I can sleep on. The day before I am trying to stay up as long as I can, after that I will be able to sleep while I am in the car or plane. 
  • something that keeps me warm. If I am cold I am a bit angry and I just don't want to talk to anybody, so I like to keep something thick. It is even better, when I am able to watch a film, but there is usually no wi-fi connection.
  • a book. If I am bored and not sleepy then I like to read or even play a board game. It's fun and you can always learn something. You are never too old to learn something.
This is how I cope with being on a plane/car ect... I feel worse, when I am on the airport or station. There is a lot more people and I am finding it very stressful, so I kind of like to think about something that makes me smile ( I even smile to myself and i know that I look stupid.) or I am trying not to take it too personally. Sometimes I am ignoring. Also I am following the rules to ignore difficult situations.
"Travel brings power and love back to your life."
That is the way I deal with traveling and what about you ? :)
Lots of love x
(Thank you for reading and I hope you will comment.)  

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